Saltwater in. Chlorine out. Repeat.
No more harsh chemicals.
The Dive Salt System doesn’t have a bunch of wires for an electrician to install because it powers itself with the energy of water. That same energy powers its WiFi and allows you to control it from your phone. The result is a pool that’s more relaxing for owners and a better experience for swimmers.
The cycle of salt.
A renewable option for hassle-free maintenance.
Once a Salt System and the proper amount of salt is added to your pool, that salt is used again and again and again to sanitize your pool. Your saltwater is pumped through the Salt System’s electrolysis cell, where it is converted into free chlorine and evenly applied to your pool water. As the free chlorine oxidizes the water, killing bacteria and algae, it is turned back to saltwater and pumped back through the Salt System to start the process again.
State-of-the-art turbine.
It powers itself.
The world’s most efficient miniature turbine captures the energy of water passing through it and converts that energy into electricity which powers the conversion of saltwater to free chlorines. No wires. No control boards. No electricians.
Flexible functionality.
Precise control for your specific needs.
Running your pump powers your Dive Salt System – this does NOT mean you need to run your pump continuously to make use of Dive. The Salt System has adjustable output so you can increase or decrease its production levels as necessary to suit the conditions of your pool and how much you use it.
Monitor and adjust levels from anywhere.
App-enabled for ultimate convenience.
Whether its new equipment, number of swimmers, or heat of the season, the conditions in and around your pool change. Our easy-to-use app automatically monitors pool conditions such as temperature and flow rate, allowing you to make immediate adjustments in response. Check out how our app quickly connects you to your pool.
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