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What’s in the box?
Everything for quick and easy installation, except a hacksaw. The guide is a comprehensive resource for measurement, mapping, and instruction on how to turn your old chlorine pool into a salt system. We even included a cleaning basin for annual maintenance of your Salt System’s electrolysis cell.
Dive Salt System™ G1 (1x)
Plumbing Unions (2x)
2” to 1.5” Reducers (2x)
Plumber’s Tape (1x)
Cleaning Basin (1x)
PVC Cement (2x)
Is it actually easy to install?
Sure is, we promise. Follow our install process (link to installation process) and then add the necessary amount of salt your pool requires, about 33 pounds per 1000 gallons. That’s really it.
Quick Install Guide
How does it compare?
No one else can do what we do – because they all require an electrician. See for yourself.
Will it work with my pool?
Most likely. And you don’t need to wait to open or close your pool. Just install your Dive Salt System, add the right amount of salt to your water, and enjoy immediately.
Up To
30,000 Gallons
Works With Either
Above or In-Ground
It’s installed, now what does the Salt System do? What do I do?

The Salt System converts salt into free chlorine, creating a constant, even production of sanitizer for your pool water that lacks the harsh smell of chemical chlorine, while providing a softer water feel.

After an initial addition of pool salt, you’ll have to add salt every few months or so depending on usage. We recommend measuring salt levels every other month for indication. In the meantime, track your pH as usual. Otherwise, the electrolysis cell inside your Dive should be cleaned annually at the close or opening of your pool.

Need a hand? Or our warranty?

If you need any help with your device, reach out to our team anytime at contact@divepoolsystems or by phone toll free at 866-554-1715. We currently offer a one-year warranty on the Dive system, a three-year warranty on the salt cell and never-ending customer support.

The Dive owner's manual available for download here.

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