Spend time enjoying your pool, not maintaining it.
A salt system for your pool – installed by you, managed from your phone.
The result is a more comfortable swimming environment, greatly reduced maintenance, and money in your pocket that you don’t have to spend on chlorine.
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No wires. No worries.
No need for an expensive install from an electrician.
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Chemical Chlorine vs. Dive’s Salt System
Spoiler: Salt Wins
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Hands Off

Only add salt occasionally, instead of buying, transporting, and handling hazardous chemical chlorine.

The Dive System continuously converts salt to free chlorine in your water, providing ongoing sanitization with only the occasional salt addition.

Easy On The Eyes

Your old chlorine maintenance routine creates spikes in chlorine levels and chemical reactions that burn your eyes, make you smell, damage your hair, and irritate your skin.

Dive’s salt system oxidizes your pool water and generates smoother, softer water through free chlorine production– no side effects and no salty taste.

Put Away Your Wallet

Avoid installation requiring a certified electrician that could cost significantly more than $1000.

Frequent chlorine purchases are also pricey. In fact, that regular trip to the pool supply store increases your expenses by up to 50% versus maintenance costs associated with the Dive Salt System.

From install to maintenance, the Dive System saves you money with its self-powering functionality that needs no electrical hook-up. That means you will enjoy a continuous cyclical reaction of salt conversion in your pool without ever getting a utility bill.

There’s An App For That
Monitor and adjust Dive’s output from anywhere.
We want to make your life easier so we built a smart device for you to manage from your phone – no other product on the market integrates and automates like Dive.
How does it compare?
No one else can do what we do – because they all require an electrician. See for yourself.
Don’t Take Our Word For It
It’s an incredibly simple install. All I’ve done this entire summer is swim. The water is much softer and cleaner. Overall, it’s a better environment for me and my daughter and I couldn’t be happier.
Frank L.
I really like the Dive System because I don’t like wasting time on pool maintenance. Plus, now I don’t have to mess with chemicals and guests love the feel of the water. On top of that, I installed it right after it arrived - I converted my pool to salt in an afternoon. All in all, the only thing I don’t like about the product is that I didn’t discover it years ago. Great purchase.
Derek R.
I’ve had my Dive Pool salt system since 2017.  Our pool has never looked or felt better.  The water is as clear as its ever been and it feels great on your skin.  No more caustic and expensive chemicals!  Highly recommend it.
Larry S.
Very pleased with our Dive system. Easy to use and the phone app allows you to monitor and change settings.
Jim W.
Overall the product is great at keeping my pool chorinated and as my first salt system my experience has been overall positive.
Taylor P.
Our pool water looks and feels amazing. The system is efficient and keeps the water balanced. We left the pool pump off for a couple of days by accident while we were away, without this system we would have had a mess upon our return but dive did a great job and our pool was fine.
Lorie H.
Dive is the best salt sanitizer ever. You don't need to connect it to power. It has its own turbine which makes installation easy. Phone app helps to control Dive from everywhere.
Sergey K.
The wireless connectivity is a great feature that allows me to monitor the system from anywhere. The built in power generator makes installation that much easier with not having to worry about electrical hook up.
Stephn G.
The Dive system is absolutely incredible I've had the dive since May 2018 and I love it! I truly haven't had to do anything to my pool it is completely self sufficient and has kept it crystal clean all summer long!
Diego Z.
We have been pool owners for many years. Never before have we had such care free maintenance. All chemicals were always in balance. The App is very convenient. We truly just needed to skim the leaves and enjoy the water.
-Eileen B
Get back to enjoying your pool.

Our salt system is the most user-friendly and easy-to-install because your pool is meant to be a source of relaxation, not anxiety. See how our pricing compares to our competitors.

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  • What’s in the box?
    Everything for quick and easy installation, except a hacksaw. The guide is a comprehensive resource for measurement, mapping, and instruction on how to turn your old chlorine pool into a salt system. We even included a cleaning basin for annual maintenance of your Salt System’s electrolysis cell.
  • How does it compare?
    No one else can do what we do – because they all require an electrician. See for yourself.
  • Will it work with my pool?
    Most likely. And you don’t need to wait to open or close your pool. Just install your Dive Salt System, add the right amount of salt to your water, and enjoy immediately.
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